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  Improve your premises  



Refurbishing the outside of your building can create a completely different impression for visitors, employees and suppliers.  A carefully planned project to create an extension, add cladding to the outer walls to give your premises a new look or renewing windows, shop fronts, doors and facades can make a dramatic difference.

Ensuring that your plans not only satisfy the various authorities, but will also complement your existing premises requires careful planning to achieve the outcome you want.  Sovereign Commercial Installations have a specialist management team who can help you to get the most from your budget and also get the results you want in added space, image and functionality.

Our team can build industrial steel structures and brick buildings and install glass fronts, roller or sectional doors, apply special finishes and a wide range of other services.

From first draft to finished building you can trust Sovereign Commercial Installations to deliver a first class result.

If you’re thinking of improving your premises, please call us on 01323 763179 to tell us what you’d like to achieve or email us for more information.


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