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  Protecting your staff and customers from fire  



Fire legislation demands that employers take steps to protect their staff and insurance companies demand that employers take steps to protect their property as well.

The right materials used for walls, floors, doors, fixtures and fittings can make the difference between having minutes to escape and being able to get out without a panic. Fire retardant materials can stop a fire from spreading for up to four hours, depending on the environment.

Fire stopping seals the gaps where cables, pipes and beams go from one floor to another and prevents the fire from travelling up through a building easily.

If you want to have a new building fitted out or you are planning to upgrade an existing building, talk to us about fire protection that creates safe and stylish surroundings.

Fire resistant flooring, partitions, ceilings and cavity barriers can all help to protect your people and property – just ask us for more information by email or phone us on 01323 763179.


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